Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful!

If you want the best cruelty-free makeup on the market, we’ve got your back. As a cosmetic brand dedicated to providing 100% genuine makeup products, we practice what we say. Now, you can be your own kind of beautiful the right way!

Whether you are a vegetarian or simply someone who cares about animals, finding the right beauty products that do not compete against your ethos can be quite the chore. An excellent start is to go cruelty-free.

There is an abundance of self-acclaimed “cruelty-free makeup” on the market, so it can be challenging, if not near impossible, to find genuine ones when you need it, our Blinq Beauty products are among the best you can find to help you go beautiful the vegan way.

100% Cruelty-Free Products

As a truly cruelty-free vegan makeup brand, we understand that animals are just as important as humans and deserve to be respected as such. With Blinq Beauty products, you don’t have to worry about any animal getting hurt in the process.

Plenty of Options

We offer an extensive range of products, giving you the flexibility to choose which product you fancy. From our City Girl eyelash collection to our Blinq Beauty make-up brushes, choose what works best for you. With us, you have a lot of options that enable you to avoid animal products.

Get the Mink Look without the Fur

Love mink but want to stay vegan? We’ve got the perfect solution for you. Our innovative eyelash strips look like mink but are completely free of fur. Our products also conform with the standards of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program and Cruelty-Free International’s Leaping Bunny certification.

With our novel Blinq Beauty products, you can finally be beautiful your own way. Make it happen today.