Blinq Beauty are proud to present a collection of fur free cruelty free soft, lightweight, long-lasting strip lashes that seamlessly blend with your natural lashes. You’ll fall in love with them again and again.

If you want the best cruelty-free makeup on the market, we’ve got your back. As a cosmetic brand dedicated to providing 100% genuine cruelty free makeup products, we practice what we say. Now, you can be your own kind of beautiful the right way!

Introducing our first collection:

City Girl
A versatile lash for those seeking a more natural look whilst maintaining a subtle hint of glamour.


A glamorous bold eye catching lash, for those wishing to stand out and wow on nights out.

At Blinq Beauty our ethos is ‘Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful’

  1. 1.
    a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form.
    “I was struck by her beauty”
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